What is Atomium?

Atomium is oil additive compound for protecting and restoring friction surfaces.

Suprotec is a Russian research and production innovation company that has been operating in the Russian automotive chemicals market since 2002.”Suprotec EU s. r. o.” is a subsidiary company founded in 2015 in the Czech Republic to work in the European and Global market.

Our main production facilities and research centre are located in Saint Petersburg, Russia and in Prague, Czech Republic-the centre of the North-West automotive cluster and the centre of European Union. This allows us to maintain direct working relationships with car manufacturers and respond quickly to all new trends in the automotive industry.  

The main task of the company “Suprotec EU s. r. o.” is the development, production and wide distribution of auto chemical products and automotive oils with characteristics at the level of the world’s best brands. We do this thanks to a well-equipped research centre( R&D Centre), modern production lines that meet the ISO 9001 quality standard, and a wide sales network – with a Central office in the Czech Republic and a wide distribution network in Europe and around the world.The company offers exclusively high-quality auto chemical products at competitive prices, both in Russia and abroad. Recently tribotechnology “SUPROTEC” has been successfully exported. On the global market, it is sold under the “Atomium” brand, multiplying the number of regular customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Australia.

The company’s research centre cooperates with the country’s leading research and training centres: NAMI, SPbSTU, Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas, Kuznetsov VMA, and others. Suprotec is a member of the Engineering club, the Hi Tech and engineering Cluster, and the Saint Petersburg chamber of Commerce and industry. In scientific and practical activities of “SUPROTEC” is based on the expert community of scientists, engineers, and practitioners – members of the “Assembly of motorists”. Our products are included in the Register of innovative products recommended for use in the Russian Federation.

We consider an important development resource to be the established feedback with clients and their support by our managers and consultants. We are sure that no laboratory and bench tests of new products can be considered final until they are tested in real conditions of domestic roads, climate, service, and fuel. The company constantly improves and expands its product line considering the experience of consumers, their expectations and needs.